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Ashley Werhun“We are grateful to be a part of Founders Canada and to have access to a group of driven individuals. With such active internal communication, we can reach out to each other for advice and perspective. It’s comforting knowing we have access to a community that is as much in the startup trenches as we are. Founders Canada has provided wonderful visibility for Mentorly with interviews and social media support. Thank you Founders Canada!”

Ashley Werhun, Founder of


Jacqueline Leung“I’ve been in the startup world for less than a year, so it’s all still very new to me. Founders Canada was one of the first communities I got involved in where the organizers were hands-on and genuine (especially Eric). I felt (and still feel) like I can trust their team; I know that they want to see my company succeed. I look forward to their communications, newsletters, and events, because I know that they are offering legitimate advice. I look forward to growing with the Founders Canada community.”

Jacqueline Leung, Founder of


Sam Kawtharani“Founders Canada is a great initiative for entrepreneurs seeking help. Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs, no sales pitches, or any of that.”

Sam Kawtharani, Cofounder of





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