Founders Canada was founded in 2016. It was started by Eric Rafat back in 2014 with a small group of founders. While building his core team around his company Keyobi, Eric was looking for a cofounder. While navigating the startup ecosystem, he saw a big gap. A group was created to connect entrepreneurs together and that is where he met his cofounder. Fast forward, the group got amazing traction and had more success stories.

Today Founders Canada is an online community dedicated to empowering startups and entrepreneurs. When you are starting a business you have million questions and sometimes a simple search won’t do. Founders Canada was born to change that and connect entrepreneurs with the right resources and people in the Canadian context.

Our vision is to help Canadian startups create sustainable businesses, as well as jobs and opportunities for all. We believe in the power of entrepreneurship. After all, Canada is a great place to start a business, let’s invite the world over to start their success stories here. Your answer lies with Founders Canada. Let your entrepreneurship journey begin here.

Founders Canada Team