Founders Lab

Building the Next Big Thing Right Here

What is it?

Founders Lab is a startup studio that experiments and launches new ideas and business models with our community of developers, designers, and marketers. We experiment with new projects, do trial-and error, launch and build kick-ass companies.

How does it work?

Ideas – We experiment with new ideas and business models.

Experiment – Building a startup is all about experimentation. Run an idea and see if it works! Trial and error.

Launch – We have a massive community of 3,000+ members and growing. It takes a community to raise a startup!

Why Join?

Team up with startup talent who are actually interested in working on a business idea. Save yourself time by teaming up with our carefully selected team members to match up.

Massive community. We have a massive community to test, support and launch the startup.

Work on it as a “side project” while it takes off. No need to quit that job. Side-hustle along with team members. Some seriously good motivation to build that startup.

Founders Canada

Join our team of designers, makers, doers, engineers, hustlers and hackers in residents.

We’re looking for all individuals and backgrounds from all walks to join Founders Canada Lab. Students, recent grads and experienced professional all are welcome to apply.

Marketer in Residence
Engineer in Residence
Designer in Residence

Send us your application today and join Founders Canada Lab.