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Waterloo Startup BrightGuide Team


We are thrilled to introduce you to BrightGuide, a web based application that empowers persons living with dementia and their care partners to create customized videos for daily activities. Let’s get started with the highlight of the interview with Krista Traianovski, the co-founder of BrightGuide.

How exactly did the two Co-founders meet and start BrightGuide?

In September 2015, Krysta, the co-founder of BrightGuide, started her Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Technology program at the University of Waterloo, when she met her classmate, and now co-founder Sameer Khan. During Krysta’s student life, she worked in research for the government, private companies and startups. Each experience contributed towards Krysta realizing her potential in making valuable impact. Eventually, Krysta’s heartfelt desire led her to push learned experience forward into real solutions. With Sameer’s expertise in human factors and cognitive work analysis, along with a passion for finding a way to support vulnerable or disenfranchised persons, BrightGuide was born.

The ironing table!

“As we graduated from the University of Waterloo, my co-founder Sameer and I entered a whole bunch of interesting situations in which we became homeless for a month. Eventually, we moved to a place in Kitchener with no furniture, not even a table but an ironing table which became our dining table for couple months.” – Krysta, the co-founder of BrightGuide.

Is BrightGuide a social enterprise?

That’s a great question, we had a social entrepreneurship class in our Masters program, and the first class was about defining what a social entrepreneurship is. Nobody could get a good definition of it. I would say yes, this is social entrepreneurship. Internally our definition has been where we won’t sacrifice user safety and one’s well being for the sake of making profits.

What is a good tip on finding first employees at the early stage?

Waterloo Startup

“All the people who are working with Sameer and I met at a Hackathon actually. It was a themed Hackathon, we worked on an idea over every weekend. It is a very effective way to meet like minded team members and find out if we share similar interests, values and commonalities. We started to like working with each other wanted to become an official team.”

BrightGuide strives to use technology and AR to help families reduce frustration, providing a tool that ensures the family’s well-being, privacy, and security at all times. BrightGuide is currently working on its production prototype and user design, to check out more please visit


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