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We’re thrilled to be back with another Founder Spotlight. Today, we are chatting with founder of Myref.

1. What was the inspiration behind Myref?

I had been working in the construction field for 5 years. During these years, I realized that all the best recommendations came from my personal network. The problem was the time that it took to ask my network in order to have their recommendations. So, I created Myref to have all these recommendations in one single click.

2. How does Myref help business owners gain more exposure?

Myref helps business owners gain more exposure in their network. We all agree that our network is very important to grow our business but we also know that it’s impossible to be sure that our network remembers us when they need our services. With Myref, it’s now possible and without a daily communication on our social network.
So we save both our time and our money.

3. We know Montreal is booming with innovation and AI. What is the startup scene like in Montreal?

I can’t compare with another city but there are lots of communities and events in Montreal, which promote the innovation and AI. It’s very helpful to meet great people who can help you with their advice or with some partnership. We know that it isn’t easy to develop a Startup so it makes it easier if you are not alone 😉

5. What advice do you have for early stage startups?

My best advice would be to forget the importance of your idea and keep your focus on 2 essential things:
What simplest product can validate your business?
Develop your community to test and get as many feedbacks as possible to know better what you need to do as a next step.

6. We know how busy founders can get, how do you take the time to relax?

I have one rule: I work on my business every day. But if I don’t have a meeting or anything else critical for my business and a friend suggest to have a drink or to do some sport/activity together, I always accept.

7. What’s the next exciting thing for Myref?

We will do a big update with lots of UX modifications to simplify the use of Myref.

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